Booklists Brief description and reviews of books for 4th grade students Brief description and reviews of books for 5th grade students Brief description and reviews of books for 6th grade students
Children and teacher choices of books. This list is up-dated each year and includes new books.
Reading activities
Kids Fun Online - Reading activities for students. (This is the text used in 4th and 5th grade at Clarendon.) Reading activities for students connected to the text used in 6th grade at Clarendon. Our text is the Introductory Course.
Reading and writing activities - includes activities for ESL students
ALA's Great Websites for Kids List of websites for students to use in language arts. Look under Literature and Languages.
School House Rock Grammar This site contains the lyrics and audio clips of School House Rock Grammar songs.
Improve your English and grammar.
Grammar, spelling, reading, writing, listening, and vocabulary activities
Author sites
List of most children's authors and websites to find out more information about each author
Celebrate children's authors Official website for Beverly Cleary Official website for Roald Dahl Official website for Katherine Paterson Official website for J. K. Rowling Dr. Seuss activities


Six-traits Description of the six traits, lesson plans and literature to use for each trait (can be used by students, parents and teachers)
OWL-Online Writing Lab OWL (Online Writing Lab)
for Elementary Students. This website has lots of activities using six-traits. Interactive activities using 6-traits. Sign in as Class Account Number: WEUH663, Student Numbers are spx001 through spx040
Writing activities
Writing Process Website Writing activities on the writing process for students and parents to use Ideas for writing from the Maricopa County Public Library. You can even sign up for tutoring. Author Judy Blume talks about writing.
Reading and Writing games

I Know That Games in language arts Game Goo - Learning that Sticks Edugames's Level 1 puzzles This site has interactive games to improve students' vocabulary skills, including word analysis and synonyms and antonyms.
Access Excellence Mysteries for students to read and solve. Select your grade level and go to Words.