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Children want knowledge, challenge and recognition
ents want independent, passionate learners in a safe environment.


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Press Release
Osborn School District Recognized by the Department of Education for Outstanding Student Growth

Click here to view the video of the press conference at AZ Department of Education

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 View Osborn Dual Language Program on Channel 12 News
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Osborn Civic Day
Meet Your School Board Candidates

9/30/14 at Osborn Middle School 6:00-7:00pm
1102 W. Highland, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Next Regular Governing Board Meeting
10/21/2014 at 7:00pm, at 1226 W. Osborn Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85013.

Open Enrollment - Electronic Registration Forms
All Osborn schools are holding student registration 7:30 to 3:30 for next school year.
paces are available for students who live outside the district boundaries.
For more information, please call our main line

Clarendon  Elementary 707-2200 Map
Encanto Elementary 707-2300 Map
Osborn Middle School 707-2400 Map
Longview Elementary 707-2700 Map
Solano Elementary 707-2600 Map

* Video of Amy Hettmansperger explaining her role within the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and how she can be of assistance
Lead.  Inspire.  Teach.
Already have a BA or BS in any field? Join the Master’s + Certification Program
* Elementary or Special Education in the
Osborn School District,
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* Working towards a BA/BS? Join the BA Program in the Madison School District. For more information: Call 602-543-6358 or Email: EducationAdvising@asu.edu
Explore http://education.asu.edu/

Click here to know more about our ASPIRE program

Why Osborn Education?
District Programs * Why Choose Osborn Schools?   * Osborn Middle School's Mathematics is one of the Best in  the Valley 
* Award Winning Spanish Dual Language Program 
* Computer Programming Classes, grade 3-8 (new)