Safe & Secure Schools

Osborn School District #8


Safety & Security: A Top Priority

Safety and Security in the Osborn School District are primary concerns for the Osborn staff so that our parents can feel comfortable entrusting their children. This is reflected in Osborn's mission statement:

Children want knowledge, challenge and recognition

Parents want independent, passionate learners in a

safe environment


Each school has:

  • All five schools have a grant funded on-campus Safety Resource Officer or a Probation Officer.

  • A closed campus during the school day - all visitors must sign-in at the front office

  • A School Nurse or Medical Technician and CPR certified staff

  • Access to the Osborn Health Partnership supporting the healthcare of students

  • A School Psychologist and/or School Counselor supporting the mental health of Osborn students

  • A policy to bus students living more than one-half mile from their school or across hazards such as canals or busy streets

  • Anti-Bullying Programs to protect students

  • Numerous video surveillance cameras

Each school bus has:

  • A courteous bus driver who knows each student

  • An aid to assist the bus driver on Special Needs buses

  • 2-way Radio in case of an emergency

  • Security Cameras to monitor behavior