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Golden Bell and A+ Exemplary Program Award to OMS' Honors Mathematics Program

A+ Exemplary Program Award to Solano's Writing Program

A+ Exemplary Program Award to Osborn's Ballet Program

A+ Exemplary Program Award to Longview's Positive Behavior Program

Osborn Middle School Students Receive High School Math Credit. Click here for more information.

Professional Development School Partnership with ASU West. Click here to view.


A+ Spanish Dual Language Program

Osborn’s Dual Language program is distinct from other immersion programs in its focus on content instruction, intensity, native speaker balance. Students alternate weekly between total immersion in Spanish and English for all subjects, receiving content instruction in math, science, and social studies in both languages. In addition, they receive specific instruction in the vocabulary, grammar, literature and cultures of both languages. The Dual Language aspect ensures that students have native-speaking peers in their target language to use as models.

Osborn continues to support and expand this program because achievement data show that students in the Dual Language program consistently outscore their peers in the mainstream English-only classrooms, regardless of their native language. With the support of the administration, the Governing Board, and most importantly, the teachers, Osborn’s Dual Language program is now entering its 12th year. The program was developed to promote academic excellence and opportunities for its students and continues to thrive promoting bilingualism and biliteracy in English and Spanish, academic success in the Arizona Academic Standards, and positive cross-cultural awareness and understanding for all students.

If parents are interested in the dual language English and Spanish program, they may contact Noemi Cortes at (602) 707-2016.

Osborn’s Spanish Dual Language program has been awarded the prestigious  Arizona Educational Foundation’s A+ Exemplary Program Award. Osborn instituted the Dual Language Program in 1998 with the purpose of establishing a research-based program that would effectively meet the needs of the growing English language learner (ELL) population as well as diversifying the academic learning opportunities for all students. Currently serving 523 students,  the program is open to all Kindergarten through 6th grade students enrolled at Encanto and Clarendon Schools, with students continuing at the Middle School.

Osborn Hosts Masters in Education Program with ASU West

Congratulations to Osborn iTEACH and ASPIRE graduates who graduated in December. These individuals already had a bachelor's degree and enrolled in the Osborn/ASU West iTEACH and ASPIRE programs last year. They worked with master teachers in the district and took coursework that led to a Master's degree and teacher certification. We are proud of the accomplishments of these individuals who excelled in the rigorous year-long program, thanks to the leadership of Angie Linder, the support of Osborn teaching staff who mentored them along the way, and the long-standing partnership with ASU. Osborn welcomes the following individuals: Renee Schlenker: Intervention Teacher (LV/MCS); Darlene Pope-Turner: Intervention Teacher (SOL/OMS); Sarah Robison: Developmental Delayed K-4 Teacher (SOL); Jennifer Ray: Social Skills Teacher (CL); Lura Gierek: Long-term Substitute for Lamontagne (LV); Danielle Wilhelmy: Intervention Teacher (ENC/CL); Courtney Brayson: 5th Grade Teacher (CL); Sara Roberts: Long-term Substitute Developmental Pre-School (LV); Tabitha Gresko: 8th Grade Resource Teacher (OMS); Lauren Hoyt: 3rd Grade Teacher (LV); Kristen Halloran: and 6th Grade Teacher (CL).


Multilinguals Take Osborn Spelling Bee

Osborn Spelling Bee finalists: 3rd place Solano 6th grade student Kelly Z., 1st place Longview 5th grade student Arashdeep K., and 2nd place Clarendon Dual Language student Jousy R.

Congratulations to the winners of the Osborn School District Spelling Bee. The 1st Place Winner was Longview fifth grader Arashdeep K. from Tracy Smith’s class. Arashdeep is multi-lingual, speaking Punjabi and Hindi in addition to English. The runner up was Clarendon sixth grader Jousy R. from Corissa Quijada and Carlos Ardon’s Dual Language class. Jousy is in the Dual Language Program and speaks both Spanish and English. Runner up was Kelly Z. from Solano. All students did exceptionally well, and the spelling bee lasted for dozens of rounds. Thanks to Dr. Sharon Moore, Marilyn Rollins, Michael Robert and Jill Hoover for their assistance with this exciting event.

Osborn Professional Development Students Graduate

Congratulations to Osborn’s second class of PDS MAC (Professional Development School Masters and Certification) students who completed their degrees this week to become certified teachers. These individuals already had a bachelor's degree and enrolled in the Osborn/ASU West PDS MAC program, working with master teachers in the district and completing coursework that lead to a Master's degree and teacher certification. Participants include: Stephanie Albidrez, Lori Ballard, Meagan Corona, Maurice Gause, Doug Gerstner, Nick Grammer, Jon Holloway, Angie King, Lori Krejsta, Yarizeth Lozano, Kristin Manvel, Tori Matori, Jammie Mays, Tina McMillion, Monica Miller, Brandi Neinaber, Molly Nock, Tiffany Paulino, and Lisa Stein. Additionally, three students graduated from the Osborn/ASU West’s first ASPIRE (Arizona Special Initiative to Recruit and Retain Educators) Special Education M.Ed. program: Randy Trainer, Jocelyn Thomas, and Joanna Futch.


The program grew out of a partnership between Osborn School District and Arizona State University West campus. Designed to recruit, prepare, place and retain high-quality new teachers in high-need urban and rural partner school districts, the PDS program has two major initiatives: 1) a district-based, immersion-style PDS teacher preparation program for initial certification; and 2) distance learning-based, graduate-level coursework in mathematics, reading and science targeted to existing teachers in the partner districts. Ultimately, all of these efforts help increase the achievement of students in high-needs school districts. According to Patricia Tate, Assistant Superintendent, “Since Osborn partnered with the PDS program in 1999, student achievement has risen significantly and consistently… The PDS program has increased our 7th and 8th grade students’ test scores dramatically and has sustained the increase over a five-year period”. Osborn currently employs 34 teachers who attained their certification through the PDS program.



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