Student Recognition

Osborn School District #8


Solano Third Grader is #1 in State for First in Math

PHOENIX, AZ—Third-grade teacher Diana Schlepp is smiling as she walks the campus of Solano Elementary School. She’s still smiling as she greets students in her classroom. She has reason to smile; one of her students, Henry A., is currently the #1 First In Math player— all grades—in the state of Arizona.

 “We are so excited for Henry,” says Schlepp. “He earned nearly 14,000 virtual ‘stickers’ in the program and has completed all of the Know & Show units and Gyms through Integers, which is quite an accomplishment for a third grader.” Schlepp believes his effort— and the First in Math site—have made the difference.

 “Henry is a great kid with an amazing work ethic who is constantly striving to do his best—he loves to be challenged,” says Schlepp. “He takes extra work home just because he wants to excel. In fact, most of his effort in First in Math has been from home.” Schlepp points out that Henry is an English Language Learner, and mostly Spanish is spoken at home. She believes FIM not only improved his math skills, but his reading skills, as well. “I’m proud of the fact that he has shown great improvement in both areas of academics, and has made the honor roll.”

 “Our whole family knows about Henry’s success in First In Math, and is very proud,” according to his mother. Solano Master Teacher Jill Crossley says that when she asked Henry’s parents what their message would be to other parents in terms of helping their children set and achieve goals, they responded resolutely with one phrase—spend time with them. The Henrys spend time together every day and have rules about TV watching and bedtimes, but occasionally allow the rules to be broken as a reward. Both parents believe it is important to be well rounded, and are proud that their son excels in sports, in school and in other areas.

 Schlepp says Henry helped provide support to one of her autistic students just because he enjoys helping others. He was elected to student council, and has helped with a carwash, served patrons at a spaghetti dinner and been an enthusiastic supporter of all student council activities.

 Solano is currently ranked as the #3 FIM school in the state of Arizona, all grades, and Schlepp feels strongly that Henry is only one of many success stories the program has helped create.

 Recently, another of her students was scheduled for special education testing after the first trimester. “But after the second trimester grades came out she had grown so much academically that she did not qualify. We acknowledge First In Math for a lot of her success. She has already earned more than 5,000 stickers and loves it— and the learning.”


OMS Students Awarded Susan Morley Merit Scholarship

The Susan Morley Merit Scholarship was established to celebrate the life of one of OMS' great teachers. Eighth grade students can apply for the scholarship, the winner of which receives a scholarship for books and materials needed in high school. For more information visit: SMMS.

This year the award went to two students Devon and Vivian. Devon plans to attend Brophy Prep. Vivian will be moving out of state. We wish them the best in their academic endeavors!


Devon & Vivian proudly display their hard earned award


Firehawks Cheer Squad Take 5th Place in State Competition

Congratulations to the Osborn Middle School Firehawk Cheerleading Squad coached by seventh grade math teacher Sarah Saiz. They took fifth place in the AZ State Cheerleading/Pom Tournament. They competed against 41 Middle Schools from across the state. “Before the competition my girls were nervous,” says Saiz, “they noticed the confidence and poise of the veteran cheerleaders. In the end, we didn't get top 3, but the tournament director made it a point to tell me how great my girls were.”

OMS Cheer Squad:Eunice, Jamiea, Alexis, Markeitta, Andrea, Yesenia, Selma, Dulce, Gina, Leah, Cecilia, Diana, Aisha, Karen Diaz, and Cashe


Solano Students Featured in Phoenix Art Show

Student artwork from Solano’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th grades is on exhibit at the new Young Arts Arizona gallery located at 2009 N 7th St. thanks to art teacher Deborah Hodder. Second grade students painted self portraits. Third grade students made 2-color monoprints. Fourth grade students made ‘The Turtle and the Island’ drawings based on folk tale from Papa New Guinea. Sixth grade made Kandinsky inspired scratch art and learned he is credited with painting the first modern abstract works of art. After this exhibit leaves Young Arts Arizona, it will be on display at the Herberger Theater.

"Self Portrait" 2 Color Monoprints, 3rd Grade, Solano School


Clarendon Student Receives Second Place in

National Poster Competition

Ivan F., 5th grade, Clarendon School


Clarendon Student Wins 1st Prize

Sixth grade Clarendon student Luis R. has won 1st place a state-wide Spanish Language essay contest in the 6-8th grade category. Luis’ essay focuses on the benefits of being bilingual. He is in Mr. Carlos Ardon’s Dual Language classroom at Clarendon School in the Osborn School District. The contest was hosted by Tucson Association for Bilingual Education and the Arizona Association for Bilingual Education as part of the XXV Annual Conrado Gómez Torneo de Ortografía activities. He will return to Tucson to read his award-winning essay at the Spanish Language Spelling Bee at Challenger Middle School in Tucson, Arizona where he also will receive a check for $250 prize money.

Luis, 6th grade, Clarendon Dual Language


Encanto Student Wins 2nd Prize

Third grade Encanto Student Gustavo C. won 2nd place in a state-wide Spanish Language Spelling Bee in the 2-3rd grade category. Gustavo is in Mr. Valencia's Dual Language classroom at Encanto School in the Osborn School District. The contest was hosted by Tucson Association for Bilingual Education and the Arizona Association for Bilingual Education as part of the XXV Annual Conrado Gómez Torneo de Ortografía activities.


Gustavo, 3rd grade, Encanto Dual Language

Osborn Middle School Student Creates CO2 Model Car

Congratulations to Michael Q. for achieving “Master Craftsman” for the quality and design of his CO2 Car in Industrial Technology. When designing his car Michael tried to make the car very light and give it curves that would help it to move fast. Michael says he likes the class because he has learned to do all kinds of projects like designing airplanes, making cars out of wood, learning to paint. He also has learned how to build electronics. He enjoys helping other people with their projects. Michael wants to pursue a career as a mechanic and feels like this class has helped prepare him.

Michael Q. holds up winning car