• About Longview

    Welcome to our Longview School community! If you are a Longview parent , staff member, or alumnus, you know what it means when we say that every child deserves a Longview Education

    A few fun facts: 

    1. Established in 1924, Longview is the oldest school in the Osborn School District and we are a PreK-6th grade school.     
    2. If you search for Longview on social media you will see we have a very active alumni because we have a long history of excellence in Phoenix.
    3. We have amazing alumni, one of them is Andre Ether. He  is a former ASU Sun Devil and a Los Angeles Dodger. If you walk into our atrium you will see a little homage to our famous Lancer.
    4. We have an AMAZING auditorium that can host several hundred folks.


    Points of Pride:

    1. This is an area that is transitioning. We have historical homes and we also have new builds that are modern and new. This is what Longview is all about. We recognize the past and embrace the future. Longview is all about possibilities.
    2. Fun fact to your west, there is a community pool in the center of the neighborhood. It is a hidden Phoenix gem.
    3. Something you can't see is the AMAZING gardens. We have a HUGE playground and field area and we have blooming gardens and a composting area as well.We were recognized by SPROUTS this spring with a garden grant to keep our gardens in bloom.