• Special Education

    What is the Social Emotional and Academic Supports (SEAS) Program?

    The SEAS program serves students in the Osborn School District who have identified Special Education needs and who require highly individualized instruction as a result. The SEAS program primarily works to help students with Emotional Disabilities to gain emotional control and social skills that will help them be successful in a larger school environment.

    In order to facilitate student growth, the teachers in the SEAS program utilize the Boys Town Specialized Classroom Management system to help students develop stronger social understanding. Students participate in lessons that focus specifically on social and emotional skills and these learning opportunities are embedded intentionally throughout the entire school day.

    Students in the SEAS program receive academic learning that is tailored to their individual level within the District curriculum. This small group environment with a teacher and two behavior technicians allows for direct instruction while also addressing emotional and behavioral needs throughout the day.

    The SEAS program has a least restrictive environment (LRE) classification of Level D.

    Boys Town Specialized Classroom Management

    Boys Town's Specialized Classroom Management (SCM) is tailored specifically for teachers who serve students in need of intensive behavioral intervention. SCM is a research-based system that allows teachers to connect with, motivate, and teach students the critical life skills they need to be successful. It also provides teachers with the organization, structure, and knowledge to facilitate and manage academic and behavioral learning.

    This program focuses on how to build strong student-teacher relationships, set appropriate behavioral expectations, help students regain and maintain self-control, reduce severe discipline problems, and incorporate a Motivation System that addresses a student's specific needs without leading to dependency. Students who have experienced repeated school failures or have unique behavioral, emotional, academic, and social needs require love and respect. With SCM, teachers show their support and belief in these students and empower them with the knowledge and skills they need to reach their full potential. Perhaps most importantly, these students learn that they, too, can achieve success.

    - Susan Lamke, M.S., Densise Pratt, M.S., Mike Meeks, M.S., & Amy Perhaus, M.Ed. 2015