• Volunteering at Osborn

    Teacher and students on Field Trip

    *Due to COVID, parent volunteer opportunities have been placed on hold. However, Osborn School District will resume opportunities for parents/guardians to chaperone field trips.* 


    Inquiries About Volunteering

    Osborn School District values parent/guardian volunteers. We recognize the impact your involvement has on our students' achievement and success. There are two categories for volunteers. They include Parent/Guardian volunteers who serve in the classroom and chaperone field trips and Extended Family and Community volunteers. See below for more information on the differences in the process to qualify in either category.


    An online orientation is required before parents/guardians may volunteer. The orientation process for parents and guardians includes: watching a video module, completing an application form, taking a short quiz, and providing proof of full COVID vaccination.

    Once you complete the application, bring your proof of COVID vaccination and completion certificate to the school office. (An electronic copy of the certificate is acceptable). Please note that completing the application process does not guarantee a volunteer/chaperone spot.  

    Parents and Guardians only need to complete an orientation once. For questions or concerns regarding volunteering please contact your school's front office.

    Video Module (English) (Espanol)

Application Forms & Quizzes


    Volunteering opportunities for extended family members (siblings over 18, aunts, uncles, grandparents) or a member of the community who does not have a relative attending any of the Osborn schools has not resumed, as yet. If you are interested in being an extended family or community volunteer, please contact the school secretary to receive approval from the school Principal. The next steps include watching a video module, completing an application form, taking a quiz, and completing a fingerprint and background check.