• *Due to COVID, parent volunteer opportunities have been placed on hold. We will inform families when we have lifted this restriction.* 


    Inquiries About Volunteering

     Please be aware that parents/guardians and extended family/community members fall into two separate categories when it comes to volunteering in the classroom or attending field trips. See below for more information on the differences in the process. If you are approached by someone in either category let them know they must attend one of the monthly orientations and direct them to Parent Liaison Anabel Carrillo at (602) 707-2045 for more information.


    If a parent or guardian asks about volunteering in your classroom or attending a field trip please let them know that an orientation is required before they can volunteer. The orientation process for parents and guardians includes watching a short video and completing a form.

    Parents and Guardians only need to complete an orientation if they have never attended one in the past. For questions or concerns regarding volunteering please contact:

    Anabel Carrillo, Parent Liaison acarrillo@osbornsd.org (602) 707-2045



    If an extended family member (siblings over 18, aunts, uncles, grandparents) or a member of the community who does not have a relative attending any of the Osborn schools is interested in volunteering in the classroom please know that they must first contact the school secretary to receive approval from the school Principal. Have them ask the school front desk for information on how to do this. Once the Principal has approved the person as a volunteer they will need to contact Parent Liaison, Anabel Carrillo for the next steps which include attending a Community Volunteer Orientation and completing a fingerprint and background check.