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Osborn Among First to Join Teacher Residency Program

On Thursday, November 11, the Osborn School District Governing Board approved the partnership with the Arizona K-12 Center and Northern Arizona University to become one of the first school districts to participate in the Arizona Teacher Residency Program. 

Osborn joins two other school districts in this launch that will assist local residents in becoming qualified and certified elementary teachers. Teacher Candidates will spend one year post-Bachelors degree working within Osborn School District, participating as a student teacher, and engaging in coursework toward their certificates.  Upon earning their teaching certificate, they will work for a minimum of 3 years within the district, while also completing their classwork for their Masters degrees.

Dr. Tori Theisen-Homer of Arizona K-12 and residency program coordinator expressed that demand and interest for the program has already hit record numbers, garnering over 400 applicants in the first week. To learn more about the Arizona Teacher Residency Program please visit the program's website at