• Guidelines for Technology Donations

    Due to the immense amount of time and software required to make systems operational and highly available for students/staff, Osborn has standardized equipment across the district. For this reason Osborn School District does not accept donated computer systems of just any kind. The Osborn School District welcomes donations of usable computer peripherals. Since donations are casual used equipment it is essential that all equipment be in working order so that time does not need to spend repairing the equipment.

    All hardware components must be functional.

    • Chromebook minimum 11 inch or 14 inch 4GB/32 (touch screen is needed)
    • Digital Cameras: No camera is needed. A working USB Document Camera would be fine.
    • Monitors: HDMI flat screen monitor over 21" woudl be fine.

    • Computers Minimum requirements: No desktops needed at this time
    • Printers: No printers needed at this time.
    • Video Projectors: No projectors needed at this time.
    • Scanners: No scanners needed at this time.
    • All equipment must have necessary software/Licenses

    Note: First, please contact the school about what you want to donate.  Then the school should give the technology department a heads up (list of equipment) that complies with what’s listed above.  After that the school should fill up the proper form for you.  Finally, all donated equipment will be approved by the Technology Department and then Governing Board afterward to officially be accepted.

    Thank you very much for your donation.