• Rentals

    Osborn School District facilities are available for rental to the public. Facilities are made available on a first-come first-serve basis. 

    If you are interested in renting a facility complete the rental request form by clicking on the link to the left. Please keep in mind that completion of the request form does not guarantee rental of the facility. You will be contacted by someone from Business Support Services when your request has been approved. Please note that school sponsored activities will take priority over all rental requests. 



    GROUP 1 (Non-Fee)
    Any community group or organization directly affiliated with any Osborn School such as a support organization and/or any organization specifically concerned with activities or events that directly relate to Osborn students in an educational or recreational capacity. The majority of the participants must be Osborn School District students, staff, or residents.

    GROUP 2 (Preferred-Fee)
    Any Non Profit (501C-3), civic, or governmental agencies that operate on a non-profit basis in order to conduct events or activities directly related to the Osborn School District and/or for the educational benefit of its students or community.

    GROUP 3 (Fee)
    Any individual or organization that wishes to conduct events or activities on the Osborn facilities that are not related to the Osborn District, community or students. Fees for usage will be set by the Director of Business Support Services, subject to Governing Board review if an appeal is requested. All appeals will be submitted in written form to the Director of Business Support Services.


    Facility Rental Pricing