• Brand and Identity
    Osborn School District strives to be consistent in the use of our logo for all materials we produce. The district logos should be applied following the guidelines below in order to project a strong, unified, and professional image to our community.
    When using Osborn School District's logo, please follow these guidelines:
    • The logo is an identifying element and therefore the colors should never be altered.

    • The logo must retain the original and official logo colors in any re-printing.

    • The logo is not to be stretched, skewed, flipped or rotated in any way. It must retain its original properties.

    • Text is never to be printed over the logo. If additional text is added near the logo, it must not appear to be part of the logo.

    • The logo is meant to be used as designed. Adding special graphical effects is prohibited.

    • Logos should not be used for commercial use. 
    If you have any questions regarding the application of any Osborn School District logo, or need permission to use the logos outside of the approved applications, please contact Michael Nilsson at (602) 707-2018.
    Logo, Icon & Variations
    Osborn Logo
    Logo with Values
    Logo with Values
    Logo Name Only
    Logo Name Only
    Logo Icon
    Logo Icon
    District Seal with Values - English
    Osborn Seal with Values (Integrity, Equity, Joy, Growth, and Relationship)
    Osborn Seal with Values - Spanish
    Osborn Seal with Values in Spanish (Integridad, Equidad, Alegria, Crecimiento, Relaciones Mutuas)