• About the Osborn Governing Board

    The five elected members of Osborn School District's Governing Board play a critical role in the formulation and approval of policies which guide the operation of the district. Each member of the Governing Board is elected to serve a four-year term. Every two years, either two or three positions are filled during the November general election. Board candidates must reside within the district boundaries for one year prior to being elected to office. Arizona law does not limit the number of terms a member may serve.  


    Children want knowledge, challenge and recognition.  Parents want independent passionate learners, in a safe environment. This is our mission.


    Our vision is to become a community of learners focused on quality in teaching, learning and leading within a safe environment characterized by encouragement, cooperation, challenge and respect for diversity.

    Student Outcomes

    • Possesses positive self-esteem as a learner and as a person.
    • Act responsibly and respect self, others and our environment.
    • Function as a self-directed learner.
    • Apply basic skills from low to high levels.
    • Apply problem solving, creativity and critical thinking in decision making.
    • Apply a knowledge of health and fitness.
    • Possess an appreciation of aesthetics.