• Our Local Wellness Policy

    What is a district wellness policy?

    District wellness policies are an important tool for parents and school districts to focus on health and preventing childhood obesity.  The goal is to promote student wellness with healthy food choices, preventing and reducing childhood obesity, encouraging physical activity and providing assurance that school meal nutrition guidelines meet the minimum federal school meal standards.

    Why do districts need a wellness policy?

    All schools that participate in USDA’s Child Nutrition programs such as school breakfast, school lunch or after-school snack program is required by federal law to establish a local school wellness policy for all schools under its jurisdiction.

    Who can update the OSD wellness policy?

    Anyone apart of the Osborn School District community including OSD Nutrition staff, Board members, district and school administrators, district employees, school nurses, teachers and parents can continue to develop and update the local wellness policy by joining us in a committee meeting to exchange ideas and continue to focus on the health of our children and preventing childhood obesity.  For more information please contact Kayla Anderson at (602) 707-2021.

    Osborn School District Wellness Policy

    Osborn School District Wellness Guidelines

    Osborn School District Wellness Assessment Summary