• Open Enrollment Information

    What is Open Enrollment?

    Open Enrollment is a program enacted by the Arizona Legislature and requires all school districts to allow students the opportunity to select a school of their choice, if classroom capacity permits. This also includes capacity in Special Education and programs offered. Osborn's policy complies with all provisions of the statute.

    Who May Apply for Open Enrollment?

    Any family living in Arizona who would like to attend a school that is outside their home school boundaries may apply for Open Enrollment into an Osborn school. Please view the School Boundaries Map to determine the school you are applying for is not currently your home school.

    Open Enrollment Application Procedure & Timelines

    The student's parent/guardian completes the Open Enrollment application and submits it to the school in which the student seeks to enroll. Applications will be accepted when the District’s online registration opens each year, first for returning applicants and then for new applicants. If the number of applicants exceed capacity, the District will use a lottery system to generate admission.  The District will determine whether the student's admission would be in conformity with its admission criteria. To ensure notification by June 1, the open enrollment form must be submitted by March 15. If an open enrollment form is submitted after March 15, parents may not be informed until after school begins.

    Open Enrollment applications are accepted throughout the year for current year's Open Enrollment.

    Approval of Open Enrollment is based on school, grade level and program capacity. Using current enrollment, the District determines each school’s student enrollment, reserved capacity, and available space.

    If there is no capacity, the application will be wait listed. If capacity permits at a later time, applications that have been wait listed will be approved and the parent/guardian will be notified of the acceptance decision.

    Applications will not be considered if they are incomplete.

    Acceptance is on a year-by-year basis and subject to re-application and review each year. 

    False information submitted on the application will be considered a breach of the agreement and the open enrollment will be revoked.

    Enrollment Priority Groups

    The District will give enrollment priority for applicants in the following order, as long as their enrollment can be accomplished in accordance with the District's admission criteria: 

    1.  Resident transfer students who currently attend the school and their siblings.
    2.  Previously accepted and enrolled nonresident students.
    3.  Children of employees.
    4.  Resident transfer students.
    5.  Previously accepted and enrolled nonresident students' siblings.
    6.  Nonresident students.


    Is Transportation Provided for Open Enrollment Students?

    Transportation is not provided to students on Open Enrollment status.

    Who Can Answer Questions about Open Enrollment?

    Please contact the school campus to which you are applying to help answer any Open Enrollment questions.